testgirl001 [ this is just an example of use PROPOSAL + TUTORIAL]

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Should testgirl001 stay after trial period?

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testgirl001 [ this is just an example of use PROPOSAL + TUTORIAL]

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 04, 2016 1:43 pm

So, let`s assume we hired the textgirl001 into trial period...
At that time, we come and here and create a new post, with her name as the title.
Please select the title color as Cyan to mark the fact that she is in her trial period still.

Also, mark the post as "sticky"

The post should contain this data too: ( can copy them from here and paste them into your post )


SL username:
Hired as: [ dancer / escort / host ? / dj ? ]
Hired by:
Date hired into trial mode:
Poll will end on:

Furthermore, in here, as replies to this topic, we could allpost stuff about her, chats, opinions, debates, suggestions...

I belive is a good way to have everything in one place while making a decision, rather then just IM each other and have a million chit chats that never lead to a unified opinion, nor to any of us seeing the big picture...

Also, at the top of the post, a poll shall remain opened for the duration of her trial. Voters have the ability to change their vote during that time.

Please don`t forget to set a Poll, with NO multiple choices, vote cancellation allowed and running for 15 days ( normally 2 weeks since the date she entered trial).

You can copy the choices for the poll from here:


Yes! She`s good!
I will refrain from voting on this one ( please specify your reasons in a comment... )
Give her 2 more trial weeks ( Maybe? I`m not convinced this should be an option... )
No way!

Owners and managers are supposed to vote with their own forum user, there can`t be more than 7 votes at this time. Each should be required to vote.

The post stays sticky while the testgirl001 is in trial, wil be unsticky-ed once the poll is closed, the title color will be changed to Green [ if she remains ACTIVE Staff ] or Grey/Brown? [ if she gets fired ] and will eventually move down to the bottom of the posts.

Comments can continue in her post... If any lead to applying warnings or strikes, should be mentioned into CALENDAR!

Opinions about this procedure with posts & polls are welcomed, but NOT here, please use the Manager`s Debates Forum.

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